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Our company adopted blockchain technology in 2017, which made it possible to deeply understand the essence of the technology, develop its implementation techniques and form a team of professionals who are able to develop and implement projects, which guarantee security and reliability of used or provided data.

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Blockchain Development Solutions

Our blockchain development team is creating prototypes, exploring, building & implementing the blockchain architecture in domains to secure transactions, track digital assets, control data, record events and prevent deceit.

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Distributed Data Management

Our blockchain engineers develop decentralized data storages to provide better access control, security, integrate data from different sources, prevent unauthorized access and ensure compliance.​

  • Supply chain management

  • Digital asset & access management

  • Blockchain-based IoT solutions

  • Compliance ledger

Trading Desks

Our blockchain solutions integrate data from cryptocurrency exchange platforms, automate trading processes, help maintain rules & regulations for this and track trade fees & digital assets.​

Digital Asset Transfers & Marketplaces

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  • Portfolio and stock tracker

  • Semi-automated trading

  • Peer-to-peer trading

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We provide digital asset transfer solutions and create marketplaces with secure token-based transactions done through smart contracts and authenticated by blockchain.​

  • Multi-currency wallets

  • Peer-to-peer transactions and transfers

  • Payment processing

  • Crowdsales support

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Professional Niche Expertise

Like-Minded Group blockchain team includes a financial analyst, who is tasked to ensure that the solutions we develop are fully in line with the highest standards of financial security and transparency.

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Assurance of Business-Critical Advantages

Outsourcing development of your Blockchain system or application in Like-Minded Group, you will be able to secure the following advantages, which are critical for the success of any business.

  • Automation of your business process

  • Reduction of data storage costs

  • Reduction of operations time

  • Avoidance of data duplication

  • Enhancement of data security

  • Reduction of business risks and threats

Blockchain Development Expertise

With our blockchain application development services, we are optimizing multiple business cases with this technology. Our Blockchain dedicated teams cover multiple areas of your Blockchain application development destination.​

  • Banking & Finance

  • Enterprise Apps

  • Healthcare

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