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Data Science

Like-Minded Group delivers Data Science solutions and develops complex analytics systems to support competitive intelligence. Our data science teams collect, analyze and process data helping technology businesses and service providers thrive. 

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Explore our Data Science Expertise

Like-Minded Group helps businesses turn raw numbers into strategic business insights. We offer Data Science as a Service and create complex analytics systems for technology businesses and service providers. Like-Minded Group professionals help enterprises unlock the power of data. We create custom data analysis tools that parse big data and turn it into meaningful information for your business.

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Creating Digital Transformation Strategy

Like-Minded Group experts possess significant practical experience in digital transformation. As the first step of the strategy planning, with the client’s representatives they assess the company’s current stage of maturity in terms of data management, analytics and organizational preparedness.

The next step is defining an actionable strategic plan. By executing the strategic plan the key dimensions of digital transformation can be developed harmoniously, thus a higher BI maturity level can be achieved without disrupting business continuity.

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Data Visualization and Reporting Services

We believe that implementing appropriate data visualization is an art. Creating valuable, evident and beautiful visualizations is a complex task requiring special perspective and experience.
Our goal is to prepare data visualizations for Like-Minded Group clients which might even highlight hidden business interrelations.
The operationalized and real-time reporting service built by our experts is a key asset in a prompt and data-driven business decision making.

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Technology Independent Data Science and Innovation Consulting Services

Our agile and cost-effective Business Intelligence services enable clients Like-Minded Group to make the leap to the next level of BI Maturity in terms of the scope and use of available data, the utilization of analytics efforts and creating a flexible IT strategy supporting business goals.

With the support of Like-Minded Group data mining and modeling experts, the deeper connections of the corporate data pool can be understood, thus the predictive and recommending systems can be established.
The real value of our Data Science services lies in the created complex data models based on deep methodology knowledge which are easy to access and understand for all users.

The special methodology and business background knowledge essential for the success of our projects is based on solid background. Like-Minded Group team ensures that our clients’ investment in data has the highest possible ROI.

Data Science Services