Why Javascript

Enhanced interactivity and functionality of apps

JavaScript is used to make web applications more dynamic and functional thus enhancing the user experience of your product. It has a variety of front-end and back-end development frameworks which speed up development and time to market.

Interoperability and excellent browser support

JavaScript is compatible with most server-side technologies such as Java, Ruby, Python, PHP etc. In addition, it is supported by all modern web browsers, which increases the functionality of web pages and saves valuable development time.

Multifunctional technology with good speed

JavaScript’s functionality enables both client-side and server-side programming, which allows to create maintainable products. It has unrivalled functionality with a wide range of frameworks, libraries, plugins, and other tools that ensure continued support.


JavaScript is supported by a large community of developers who contribute to the development of this technology. It is also the most popular programming language across the world powering millions of web applications.