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Mobile Development

Being established, run and occupied by talented software development professionals, Like-Minded Group takes mobile development as a force for evolution. We are a mobile applications development company focused on providing our clients with the best possible products fully compliant with their cost, time, and performance requirements and expectations.

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Android and iOS Apps development

Our strong understanding and skill set enable us to deliver business, communication, social networking and entertainment mobile apps for Android and iOS.

Exhaustive Coverage

Like-Minded Group is a one-stop web and mobile app development company. We can build apps of any size and complexity. Like-Minded Group team will take care of every app development stage from app ideation to deployment. Our mobile app development team includes business analysts, project managers, software engineers, UX/ UI designers, and QA engineers.

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AR & VR Apps

Unlock interactive mobile experiences using AR and VR technologies, such as advanced professional training, navigation, virtual tours, etc. with our AR and VR application development services.

  • Complex data visualization apps through VR

  • GEO based AR development for mobile apps

  • High-quality, photo-realistic renders, and apps

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Wearable Apps

We offer application development solutions for portable devices equipped with sensors and smart screens. We support them with remote data monitoring, monitoring and advanced cloud-based capabilities

  • Fitness and health monitoring apps

  • Internet of Things based Wearable Apps

  • Google glass, Android wear & iWatch apps

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AI Based Mobile Apps

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  • Online service/product comparison apps

  • Finance report & stock market apps

  • Personal finance management apps

We offer outstanding and personalized customer experiences in all your channels through information based on the needs of each client

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

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With the help of the latest tools, frameworks and SDKs, our mobile app development teams build connected products for smart businesses and deliver quality enterprise mobility solutions

  • Smart home solutions

  • Wearable gadget apps

  • Voice-based IoT solutions

Blockchain Mobile Apps

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  • Blockchain wallet & crowdsale apps

  • Smart contract and ICO apps

  • Cryptocurrency based mobile apps

Opt for secure blockchain mobile app development services that help users to make easy transactions on a regular basis

We Cover Multiple Areas

We also have dedicated teams to cover multiple areas of your mobile application destination

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Each of our teams employs an expert in the respective area thus we are free of any misunderstandings of the area process flow. We are experts in developing native mobile applications, cross-platform app development using the latest technologies and Mobile web apps. If you are wondering which one is the most suitable for your needs, please feel free to contact us and our development experts will help you find out what app your business really needs.