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Web Development

We create outstanding web applications. We value practical solutions, beautiful and smart designs, clean code, good architecture, and above all we are committed to the success of your company. We’ve been designing, building and supporting web applications for more than a decade.

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Web Software Development Services

Web applications are excellent marketing tools for a company that allows you to improve selling products and fast customer feedback. App development will take the company to a new level, breaking down barriers between the company and the owners of mobile devices. That’s why many businessmen start thinking about this way of developing their own company.

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We offer

  • Customer web development services

  • Web application development for mobile (including dedicated mobile websites)

  • Full-stack web development (front-end and back-end web development)

  • Secured Cloud-based applications development (SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS)

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Exhaustive Coverage

Having web development as one of our cornerstone areas of expertise, we have skilled development teams consisting of highly talented and experienced web developers, architects, designers, testers, and managers. We are committed to the ‘One Project - One Team’ principle, so our clients may be confident that their projects will not be dropped or reassigned to somebody else.

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Quality Assurance

Like-Minded Group brings together a well-developed QA process and the capabilities of an in-house testing center to meet the Customer’s quality expectations. To bring out high-quality desktop solutions, we use proven testing methodologies, techniques, and tools to perform different test types, including functional, performance, and localization ones.

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Cutting-Edge Technologies

Using cutting-edge technologies, we build responsive, high-performance and secure web applications from a simple landing page to a large web portal. Our developers create cross-browser and user-friendly websites that can help you boost your business productivity, gain customer loyalty and discover new markets.

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Stages of Software Development Lifecycle in Like-Minded Group

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How to Get Started

We will guide you through the decision-making process to find technology that best fits your needs. Like-Minded Group is constantly monitoring, researching, and incorporating new tools, frameworks and "best practice" in the development process so you can leverage the newest and most effective technologies into your business model.